Pet Portraits & People Portraits by Lynne Srba

6104 Glen Oak Court
Raleigh, NC 27606

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    A portrait provides a family with memories of their angels.

    I do drawings and paintings, working from a series of your photos. Please contact me for scheduling, pricing and to see samples. The time frame varies depending on demand, so please contact me at your earliest convenience.

    You may see samples and more information using the links at the top or bottom of this page.
    For a hardcopy price list and a "How to get a portrait" sheet, please send your mailing address to me at, or call me at 919-851-6496.

    Most of my work is done from photos, although we should meet if possible. I have worked via mail with clients from coast-to-coast in the U.S. and (so far) in four other countries.
    I always do a sketch for approval by email, mail or fax before starting the actual art.

    You should think about where you will display the art and what you want in the background. For example, is there a favorite place of rest or play? You should tape your photos to paper and note which shows best face, best eye color, best body language, etc. (I need to see hard copy to make sure we are on the same page regarding colors).
    A fun idea is to send me several photos and ask me to create a scene that uses elements of each. This will capture that scenario you just cannot get with a camera!
    Of course, I return all photos.

    Pet Portrait and People Portrait ideas

    I offer a variety of media -- popular choices are colored pencil and oil.
    A popular choice is color pencil. I also work in ink, acrylic, and watercolor. To include a wide variety of memories in an original work of art, you might consider a collage that incorporates a drawing or painting.
    With each portrait, you also get a "miniature," which is a reproduction of your portrait, laminated so that it can be used either as a refrigerator magnet or worn as a pin.
    Once we decide, I provide a contract describing the planned work and the schedule. A 50% deposit is accepted upon commission. Half of the remaining balance is due upon review of sketches and the rest upon delivery. North Carolina sales tax applies to each payment. I accept Visa and Master Card, as well as checks.
    Gift certificates also are available, and allow recipients to order pet portraits or people portraits to suit their taste.

    My Dog

    The dog in my logo is Ginger. Pet portraits became an instant hit when people saw drawings I did of her just for fun. These days, family and business portraits are making a comeback. Ginger lived 16 years, and lives forever in my heart.

    Please visit my NEW WEBSITE